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urin*all 2022 / Photo: André Hönicke, FHNW



urin*all is a waterless all-gender urinal that has been designed based on the principle of "Form Follows Function," considering the needs and ergonomics of the users.



urin*all offers contactless use regardless of genitalia. The front part offers contactless urination for people with vulva; the back part is intended for people with penis. With its smooth ceramic surface, urin*all operates without the need for water, and used toilet paper can be disposed of in a separate waste bin.


Urinals are known for their simple design, which allows quick and contactless urination. They contribute to significant water conservation and facilitate nutrient reclamation through the separate collection of urine. The conventional design of toilets and urinals often lacks ergonomic adaptations for people with vulvas, making it challenging or uncomfortable for them to utilize public restroom facilities.


Testing in Venice


The project urin*all is presented at the 18th Architecture Biennale in Venice. A functional prototype of urin*all can be found in the German Pavilion's washroom. Under the theme "Open for Maintenance" the exhibition explores progressive ideas and concepts regarding the care, repair, and maintenance of architectural structures. Visitors are encouraged to test urin*all and provide feedback through a survey to contribute to further developments of the project.

Swiss Design Award


In February 2023, the project urin*all successfully advanced to the second round of the Swiss Design Awards, as determined by the jury. All the finalist projects, including urin*all, will be exhibited from June 12th to 18th, 2023. The exhibition will take place in Hall 1 of Messe Basel, at the same time as the Design Miami and Art Basel.

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Unterstützt durch die Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt

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